Empowering women one woman at a time

We are beginning an epic journey to discover our purpose and reach our dreams…

Legal Structure

Mission Statement

The Wise Women Network (WWN) has been established for the purpose of enabling and empowering females to grow in wisdom and reach their purpose. We seek to search-out and harness all means to accomplish this as effectively and efficiently as possible.  

This is largely a philanthropic endeavor, but life demands that we engage in the world as it is currently set-up.  To accomplish our mission, and in order to maintain complete transparency, the WWN maintains nonprofit and for-profit components as follows:

Wise Women Network Inc is a nonprofit organization (501c(3) public charity).  This means 100% of all contributions go to serving our mission.  This includes outreach to empower as many females as we can!  We identify needs of members and create real value for the female gender enablement by leveraging tools and technology to create safe and private platforms for individual females to discover their purpose and reach their dreams.  

We have identified and intend to address these needs within our network:  income inequality, gender-related poverty, online privacy infringements, incapacity to use own data for own good (results in disempowerment), inaccessibility of safe and secure solutions for sensitive- yet- vital gender- related issues, including health.  We can only accomplish our mission if the integrity of our work is protected in our nonprofit organization.

WWN also makes available unique services and products created for females to solve specific needs and promotes women-owned businesses. We empower and enable women by getting the best, of what the world has to offer, in one place where women can find it quickly and benefit from it immensely and immediately. From the sales of products and services, a minimum of 10% of sales will go to our mission.  

We are accomplishing our mission one wise and empowered woman at a time.  Please contribute to our mission by donating as much or as little as you can.  We are grateful for your support!

3 Integrated Pillars

To reach our dreams, we embark on a journey to become empowered in our ‘whole person’.  The Three Integrated Pillars of complete (wholistic) empowerment are:

Wise Inside includes our spiritual and psychological being.  Our transformation starts here.

Wise Body considers our physiological being, including how we care for our bodies. 

Wise Life provides the practical means for living an empowered life.

Our journey is an epic quest to find wisdom and to enable each member to seek and discover their purpose (a.k.a. destiny / calling /  ikigai).

Each of us becomes empowered from the ‘inside-out.’ In other words, we each become enabled to discover, love, and strengthen ourselves on the inside, to embrace and care for our bodies, and to find access to the solutions that truly help us to organize ourselves as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The old-fashioned ways of solving problems are completely changed…. You can call it mountain climbing, navigating life, or disrupting our lives to find ourselves…  This is what we are doing- together!

It is at the intersection of the 3 pillars, that we meet wisdom, discover our purpose, and become enabled to reach our dreams.  This is a progression and transformation of our whole beings as we learn more and share more. Our transformed lives transform our world.  

We look inward and then upward and then outside into the world.

Network Model

‘We are beginning an epic journey to discover our purpose and reach our dreams.”  

The Wise Women Network (WWN) model is best labeled as a ‘collaboration’.

  • We empower women to become the wise woman they were destined to be by being a platform that shares wisdom and results in transformational growth!
  • We all grow and benefit from the WWN network, regardless of where we find ourselves in our journey.
  • We provide access to everything possible that women need and value to live a fully empowered life.
  • We address the whole person, with the emphasis on self- discovery.  This results in permanent, pivotal growth and development in all areas of our lives.
  • We include authentic, proven, truthful, holistic, healthy, and highest quality content and products to benefit us and our families.
  • We built a platform that can be trusted and is a safe place to express our needs and discover solutions together.
  • We continuously grow as we address our member’s individual needs and values.
  • We join forces with select individuals and organizations that share our mission.
  • We ensure that members retain control over their private data.
  • We enable one woman at a time to reach her dreams, thereby impacting her family, community, and country.